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The 10th Berlin International Directors Lounge Feb. 6 -16, 2014

we want You!!!

I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.
- Douglas Adams

Sorry Folks, Deadline is over! New entries will be ignored!

Read the FAQ

You would like to be part of DL[X]? Great!

First, submit your work by using our submission form (required). Feel free to e-mail us additional info along with a few words about your person. In order to make selection possible, we will need a screenable copy, preferably a H264 encoded .mp4 or QT (.mov) file. You may also send DVD-compatible mpeg or VOB files.
Min. video size: 720 x 576px (PAL)/720 x 480px (NTSC)

Please include at least two stills of the film or photographs of the work (min. width 700px).
If you work with unusable codecs or would like to send us uncompressed files, please get in touch before doing so.
.wmv is not acceptable. .flv is not acceptable. AC3 is not acceptable.
No preview-copies, no watermarks. Due to the short time frame, we must insist to provide screen versions from the onset.

• Youtube / Vimeo / download links or filesharing services  are fine as long as they do not need any registration/login and downloading is enabled. Only direct download links. As with other ways of submitting, we need screenable versions, SD (640 x 360) files are not aceptable.
We will disregard any submission that does not fit this criteria without further notice!

• Animated gifs can be sent by e-mail or by using this page. (You´ll need to be on tumblr.) Make sure it is no larger than 1MB and no more than 500 pixels wide.

• Videos can be uploaded via FTP to our servers. We will send you the login by e-mail. Please be patient; this will likely take several days.

• Or to our postal address.
Only digital files on USB-flash drive or DVD. No paper, please. Keep in mind that we will not be able to return any sent material.

• Finally, state that you own the copyright to your work (including possible musical rights) and let us know if you would like your work to be available online via Directors Lounge television.

• We screen 720/1080 from HD.

Screenings are also possible in Mini-DV, DVpro and 16mm (upon request).
If in doubt, just ask.

• If you would like to present anything else, such as computer animations, installations, lectures or whatever fits into the cinematic concept, give us a short outline together with the technical necessities and we will try our best.

• Directors Lounge is a non-profit, zero-budget project based solely on voluntary service. Consequently, we are not in a position to pay any fees nor are we able to give any financial support to installation concepts. 

Now submit here.

• Postal address:
Directors Lounge, A.Werner, Petersburger Platz 2, 10249 Berlin, Germany

Packages must arrive by the end of the calender year 2013, otherwise we may not able to consider your work for [DLX] .

Remember to declare your package as of no commercial value. We will not pay any customs duty that may be levied.

Read the FAQ